I am going to tell you how to get the small key in dreadOut. I don't know it's usefull or not, but I'm sure it can help you to sintas (survive) one day. Well, we'll begin from the door which we use to enter the school. Before looking for the small key, we should, oh no, I mean we must find the picture of hanging girls. If you haven't found it, you are never able to find the small key. 

Hanging Girls
You face the door with "Exit" sign, right? Okay, look at our left side. Is there the broken stair? You are going to reach it. Idc how you do it, but you must go there, hehehe. Skip!
Make sure you are in front of the room with "Ruang Guru" sign. Go to the door at the end of hallway. Enter! You are on the porch with the broken stair now. Pull out your camera. See the red thing of the wall? Keep your camera on and point to the red thing until you get the picture.

The Small Key
Okay, you have got the picture. Now, go to the room with "3 Bahasa I" sign. Don't enter it! Leave it and go to the room with the broken wall (the last one; at the end of hallway). Enter the room and find the small key inside the desk. After getting the key, go to the room with "Kepala Sekolah" sign. It is beside "Ruang Guru" room. Look for the hidden door closed by a cupboard. Open the cupboard with the key (just prees E, hehe).

And ...
let's have fun.

Watch the video!


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